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Benefits of quartz


Many interior surface materials harbor unwanted microorganisms. With routine cleaning, HanStone’s nonporous surfaces inherently will not harbor or promote bacteria, mold, or mildew growth.

Scratch Resistant

Composed mostly of natural quartz that registers a 7 on Mohs hardness scale [diamonds are a 10], HanStone Quartz surfaces are exceptionally scratch resistant. However, no surface is 100% scratch-proof, so cutting or dragging heavy, sharp objects directly on the surface should be avoided.


Designed to handle life’s normal wear and tear, HanStone Quartz is composed of natural hard quartz crystals to produce one of the most durable surfacing materials on today’s market.

Stain Resistant

Unlike granite and marble countertops, HanStone Quartz surfaces are nonporous, impermeable to liquids, and highly resistant to stains from common culprits like wine, coffee, vinegar, and makeup.

Heat Resistant

Made from one of nature’s most heat resistant materials, HanStone Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to high temperatures. To avoid thermal shock, do not place searing hot objects directly on the surface.


HanStone Quartz offers categories for LEED points and is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and GREENGUARD Children and School certified. Our North American plant recycles 100% manufacturer wastewater, repurposes solid waste, conserves energy and uses advanced air purification systems.

Etch Resistant

A sliced lime can be devastating to many natural stone surfaces. Not so for HanStone Quartz, which is designed to handle foods and common household cleaners known to etch surfaces.

Easy to maintain

HanStone Quartz surfaces require no sealants, waxes, coatings, or routine polishing. Clean with a damp cloth, mild liquid detergents, or non-abrasive non-bleach cleansers. Wipe dry to avoid water streaking or surface haze.

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