11 Beautiful Quartz Vanity Top Designs for Any Home Blog

Durable, low maintenance, versatile, and beautiful, quartz countertops make the perfect addition to many bathroom designs. Whether you want something classic or contemporary, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect quartz counter to finish your new bathroom in style.

Quartz countertops are a well known staple of great kitchen design. Resistant to staining and scratching, quartz is an ideal countertop for busy areas.

This beautiful and versatile product is also a great countertop surface in the bathroom, as well. Quartz is so low maintenance that it won’t be affected by things like toothpaste or makeup the way that a natural stone countertop may be. It’s also beautiful, with a wide variety of colors and patterns from which to choose that can complete your bathroom design - many of which mimic natural stone.

Quartz Vanity Tops Design Ideas

Take a look at these quartz vanity top and countertop designs to find inspirations and ideas for ways that you can incorporate this stylish material into your bathroom.

1. Contemporary Style

quartz vanity tops

Floating vanities or wall hung sink vanities are extremely popular in contemporary design. The vanity helps make the room look larger, because you can see more of the floor beneath it.

The clean lines of this vanity design need an equally clean and sleek countertop to complement it. That’s why this gray quartz countertop is such as a great choice; the deep color and minimal veining maintain the contemporary look of the vanity.

The oversized backsplash made of the same quartz protects the area and helps mimic the lines and shapes of the vanity below, creating a cohesive look.

2. Transitional Design

quartz bathroom vanity

Many bathrooms fit somewhere in between traditional and contemporary designs. These bathrooms are known as transitional; taking design inspiration from traditional elements & simplifying their details.

In this transitional bathroom, there’s a marble floor and some very ornate mirrors, as well as a Shaker style vanity. So, the countertop shouldn’t compete with a lot of veins and other details itself, or it will overwhelm the space.

This quiet, taupe/gray vanity top compliments the color and tone of the floor without adding busyness to the design.

3. Warm Contrast

This bathroom has a lot of very pale, light colors running through the design. This can make the room seem a little cold, so the vanity area seeks to change that. Rooted in calm, tinted neutral tones, the rich finish of the vanity provides the perfect balance to add warmth to the space.

The vanity itself is a rich, blue/green color that picks up the cool tones from the rest of the room. The quartz countertop adds depth, warmth, and contrast to the rest of the design by taking on a deep, warm beige hue. Together, the vanity and top add personality to the bathroom design.

4. Black and White Style

Black and white bathrooms, have and will, continue to transcend trends. This classic look has universal appeal, and there are many ways that you can capture it in your own home.While many people opt to use a pedestal sink when doing a black and white room, a vanity gives you storage and more counter space, making it a better functional choice.

In this bathroom, a deep espresso vanity was topped with a pure white quartz countertop to complete the look. Despite its white color, this countertop will not yellow or stain over time, so it will maintain its beauty and appeal.

5. Floating Counter

One of the ways that quartz is so versatile when used in the bathroom is its ability to completely cover and form the entire sink base. This sparkling black quartz is used to create a visually appealing, cantilevered plynth. This gives the illusion of having a solid piece of floating stone, without the weight or cost. Extra storage is used beneath the floating quartz counter, but the counter itself is the main focal point in this design.

6. Classic Design

gray quartz vanity top

Gray and white marble, wood floors, and furniture style vanities are all prominently used in classic bathroom design. But for many bathrooms, gray and white marble just isn’t practical; it can stain easily when it comes in contact with water.

This bathroom manages to capture the same classic look by using a white quartz with a subtle gray vein. The gray in the quartz perfectly matches the color of the vanity it’s on, creating a cohesive look while also contrasting the warm wood floors at the same time for a more dynamic design.

7. Quiet Appeal

quartz bathroom vanity tops

When you want to achieve a calm design, it helps to use materials that can give you a monochromatic look. In this case, the quiet color of the quartz countertop has subtle appeal.

The color doesn’t contrast with the rest of the room but complements it for a subtle design. The countertop itself doesn’t have any veining, so it makes for a more contemporary and updated statement at the same time.

8. Elegant Style

The contrast between light and dark colors has long been used to create a very elegant bathroom design. The espresso cabinet in this bathroom is topped with a clean white quartz countertop that sets the stage for the rest of the room.

The color of the wall tile picks up the background of the countertop, and mimics its shine, which creates a cohesive look in the room. The elegant, chrome faucets help to complete the look.

9. Marble Look

quartz bathroom vanity top

While marble wall tile in the bathroom has the ability to remain pristine, with diligent cleaning and maintenance, this isn’t always the case for the countertop. That’s why a quartz countertop that has the look of marble, like this Italian Waves countertop, can give you the look you want without the maintenance. This bathroom pairs Carrara marble on the walls with a quartz countertop for a clean, white, and elegant bathroom design that’s a lot less work and maintenance than it could be.

10. Slab Countertop

You don’t need a vanity in the bathroom to make use of a slab countertop. In this case, a thick quartz slab holds two vessel sinks without any vanity or shelving below. The result is clean and functional, making the bathroom appear to be larger than it is.

The soft taupe color of the countertop, along with the marble-look veins, helps soften the look of the vessels and makes this counter design more transitional than contemporary. This means that the look can fit into a wider range of bathroom designs.

11. Quietly Glamorous Design

One of the reasons that marble and marble look countertops have so much appeal is the sense of glamour that they bring with them. This bathroom captures that perfectly by pairing a quartz marble-look countertop with a traditional vanity and a wood floor.

The accent colors in the room pick up the subtle veins in the countertop and help give it a quietly glamorous appeal.

Complete Your Bathroom Design

Durable, low maintenance, versatile, and beautiful, quartz countertops make the perfect addition to many bathroom designs. Whether you want something classic or contemporary, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect quartz counter to finish your new bathroom in style.