5 Ways Hotel Designers Are Using Quartz to Enhance Their Look Blog

Hotels are unique spaces. While technically commercial, they are a place where people want to feel at home - but in a very special way.

Hotels need to favorably impress their clientele from the minute they step into the lobby until they complete their stay. This includes all the first impressions that get made along the way.

While they need to be impressive and cater to a set of residential needs, hotels are still commercial spaces that see thousands of guests on a regular basis. The materials and surfaces used in these spaces need to be able to withstand constant use without losing their appearance, function or style.

For hotel designers, this can mean walking a delicate balance when finding the right material to use. Everything must fit the hotel’s image while being able to maintain its appearance long term.

For these reasons, many hotel designers have been turning to quartz as the ideal surface material.

About Quartz

hotel quartz countertop

Quartz slabs are made up of more than 90% natural quartz - one of the strongest and most durable materials for daily use. The properties of quartz make sure the finished quartz slabs are durable, beautiful and long lasting.

The material is naturally stain and scratch resistant.  There’s no regular maintenance that has to be performed on it, which help keep overall costs down.

As quartz slabs are man-made in a controlled environment, it can be created in a wide range of colors and styles. This means that it can easily mimic the look of marble, granite, concrete, and other high maintenance materials.

For hotels, this means that no matter what the color, style, or branding of the hotel looks like, it’s possible to find a quartz color and style that will complement or match.

Using Quartz in Hotels

Quartz slabs are incredibly versatile. They come in several thicknesses. The slabs themselves are large enough to be used as countertops, tables, and even walls. Here are 5 areas of a hotel that can benefit from the use of quartz.

1. Reception Tables

hotel reception countertop

Reception tables are one of the first things that guests see when they enter a hotel. It needs to set the tone for the rest of the hotel’s style and the guests’ stay. With the many people who will interact with the desk on a daily basis, it also needs to be incredibly durable and low maintenance.

Quartz can give you the statement you’re looking for, while at the same time, holding up to years of use without the need of regular maintenance, repairs or special cleaning.

2. Conference Tables

Many hotels have conference rooms available for out of town guests to use for meetings. These conference rooms need a table large enough to suit their needs, but with the same durability and low maintenance care that any high-traffic area requires.

Quartz slabs can be formed in a dynamic range of tabletops. They can be shaped and styled to match any hotel brand, and can be created to accommodate plugs, outlets, and other conferencing needs.

3. Restaurant Table Tops

Hotels with restaurants can also make use of quartz slabs as table tops. Quartz tops are stain resistant, so no matter what type of food your restaurant serves, the tables will remain easy to clean and beautiful for years to come. And just like the conference tables, they can be shaped and formed to match any style.

4. Walls

Quartz slabs also make excellent wall coverings. Using a quartz slab that looks like marble can make an impressive display when framing areas you want to call attention to. Quartz can help set the ambiance for the hotel, as well as its overall style and decor.

5. Countertops

Whether it’s a bar, a sink area in a suite, or a reception area, quartz truly excels as a countertop. Quartz is beautiful, durable, and able to match any style or surroundings. Quartz countertops can enhance any area of the hotel, adding color, style, and function to a room.

Update Your Hotel with Quartz

Many hotel designers have already discovered the benefit of including quartz in their designs. Consider following them by including quartz in your next hotel design to reap these benefits for your next project. For more information on how to use quartz in your hotel, contact HanStone to speak with a quartz professional.