Get a Modern Look with 13 Charcoal Quartz Countertop Designs Blog

Charcoal quartz countertops can be used to create a wide range of designs. They fit in well with most modern or transitional spaces, helping to bring some neutral depth to the room.

Modern kitchens and bathrooms have a clean, streamlined appearance that is very appealing to many homeowners. Even in homes that don’t have an overall contemporary design, it’s common to find transitional kitchens and bathrooms that encompass some modern elements.

One way to help elevate your design to a modern level is to include some charcoal grey countertops. Grey is an incredibly versatile color that blends well with many designs and creates a neutral backdrop for a variety of accent colors.

Charcoal quartz countertops, in particular, come in so many styles and shades that it is possible to find one that will work in any number of designs.

The Colors of Quartz

Quartz countertops are one of the more unique forms of slab material. It’s made from 90% natural stone but is created in a controlled manner that keeps variation and inconsistency to a minimum. Therefore, it’s possible to find a spectrum of charcoal quartz countertops that may have different veining, finishes, or undertones. This gives you more flexibility in finding the perfect match for your home.

Unlike granite, which may have additional colors introduced into a slab at any point, quartz gives you only the colors and tones you want. Hence, you can get a more consistent and modern look when using these slabs.

One example of this is the color Aramis. It’s got a deep grey background with a subtle mottling in the surface. It’s not a stark finish, so it can fit in better with a wider range of kitchens and baths.

The different tones let you create a tone-on-tone design that is very popular for contemporary and transitional spaces.

If you’re looking for a mid-point between black and white in a kitchen that’s becoming too stark, consider a quartz countertop like Blackburn. This flecked color includes not just charcoal and other shades of grey, but also some black and white that can help make the transition a little softer.

Another countertop that can meet this goal in a more subtle way is Sterling Grey. It has fewer color variations and a slightly more consistent background. Together they can make a quieter mid-point between black and white, while still having some personality of its own.

Charcoal Quartz Countertop Design Ideas

Charcoal quartz countertops can be used in so many different ways that it’s possible to create a more modern look in nearly any space when using them. If you need inspiration or ideas for incorporating them into your own space, consider any of these 13 designs.

1. Tone-on-Tone Design

Many modern kitchens utilize different shades of grey together to create a muted, yet deep design. In this case, the countertop is the darkest shade of grey in the room, creating the anchor and focal point for the design. The lighter shades around the room help to highlight it and create a very subtle variation that keeps the room from getting bland.

2. Transitional Bathroom

Marble floors and subway tile showers popular for many styles of bathroom, but they can sometimes become ubiquitous if they’re used so much. This bathroom helps break the mold by including a charcoal quartz countertop in the design. The contrast between the sleek grey counter and the Emperador Light floor help make the room more transitional and interesting than it might be otherwise.

3. Rustic Modern Kitchen

Rustic modern design is one of the more popular modern styles. It combines elements from true modern design, along with rustic or industrial elements. This kitchen is the perfect blend of these styles pairing a honed quartz countertop with an exposed brick wall, farmhouse sink, and bridge faucet. Together they make a very appealing and rich design.

4. Tonal Focal Point

This modern home uses a lot of grey within a small space, many of them similar or the same in color and tone. This includes a large, unbroken island countertop in quartz. The color is an ideal complement to the other tones in the room and provides a cool contrast to the floor and cabinet color bringing depth to the design.

5. Contemporary Contrast

It’s becoming more common in contemporary design to contrast surfaces for effect. In this case, the linear cabinets are the perfect contrast and complement to the polished charcoal quartz countertop. The different colors, textures, and patterns between the two add a lot of interest to the design, something that’s often lacking in contemporary kitchens.

6. Cool Tones

Cool neutrals are very common in modern designs. This kitchen combines white and grey beautifully to create a clean, neutral, and contemporary kitchen. The charcoal quartz countertop on the island is the focal point of the design as it’s also the darkest shade of grey in the space. The eye is naturally drawn here creating a resting point within the room.

7. A Light Focus

Many people use charcoal grey countertops as the darkest color in the room, but that doesn’t need to the only way to use this feature. In this rustic modern home, the island countertop is one of the lighter colors in the space. It helps brighten up the room but doesn’t add a lot of stark contrast. The result is pleasing to the eye and full of richness.

8. Cool Accents

This room is a beautiful blend of warm and cool tones including the charcoal quartz countertop. Each element complements the next by including some hues or tones that can be found elsewhere in the room. For example, the countertop picks up the cool undertone in the cabinetry. The result is a cohesive design that has a restful feel to it.

9. Sleek Design

One of the benefits of using quartz countertops in a modern design is the versatility of the material. Not only can it come in multiple shades and hues, it can also be polished or honed, and it can be used to create waterfall edges for islands and the ends of cabinet runs. Waterfall edges create a sharp, clean side to the countertop that really enhances the modern look.

10. Warmer Grey

Grey countertops can have many different undertones including those that have a hint of warmth to them. In a small galley kitchen like this one, that warmth helps tie together the cooler tones with the wood floor. Doing so makes the design more cohesive which is important when designing in a small space.

11. Movement and Texture

Many contemporary designs like this one use a lot of flat finishes for a clean look. Too many flat colors and surfaces, however, end up making the design look cold and sterile. That’s why introducing something like this quartz countertop that features a lot of flecks of different colors can help add interest and depth to the room. The variation within the quartz adds a little dimension to the space making it feel more approachable.

12. Surface Contrast

Another way you can use the surface of a charcoal quartz countertop to contrast the room is by creating a quiet area in the design. This island has a very busy cabinet style, while the white cabinets have a very bright, stark finish. The honed quartz countertop contrasts both of these areas. The flat finish helps prevent the island from becoming too busy, while adding more depth than the perimeter cabinetry can bring.

13. Tonal Grey Bathroom

Grey is a great color for bathroom designs. It’s cool enough that it works well in small spaces, but has more personality than plain white. This bathroom utilizes multiple shades of grey in one area for a cohesive and interesting look. The cool tones complement the glass vessel sinks, while the slightly mottled finish of the counter picks up the warm tones from the shower beyond.

Create Your Ideal Look

Charcoal quartz countertops can be used to create a wide range of designs. They fit in well with most modern or transitional spaces, helping to bring some neutral depth to the room. Consider adding a charcoal quartz countertop to your kitchen or bath to help capture this modern style for yourself.