Choosing Quartz Countertops for Oak Cabinets Blog

Choosing the right countertop for oak cabinets can be a daunting task. Check these design ideas to see how quartz countertops can nicely pair with oak cabinets.

Elegant and timeless, oak cabinets are a perfect match for quartz countertops. Choosing the right color quartz will bring out the beautiful characteristics of your unique oak. You’ll find the design opportunities are endless!

Don’t Forget The Prep Work 

As with any project, establishing a clear design intent is the first and most important step. You’ll need to think about the statement you’d like your kitchen to make and how your oak cabinets will fit in. Do you want the oak’s natural aesthetic to be a shining, focal point? Or would you prefer a more subdued, anchoring effect for the oak cabinetry? Maybe your oak is meant to be more of an accent piece than the centerpiece of your custom kitchen?

Once you’ve set the tone for the project, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the individual characteristics of your oak cabinets. Because wood is a natural material each piece is unique, with varying grain patterns and different undertones, like reddish or golden. If your home is older or historic, your cabinets might have a more rugged, charming texture. Thinking of these elements together will help you choose the best quartz for your project. 

Now For The Fun Part 

Now that you’ve finished the initial prep work the fun begins - choosing the right quartz countertops for oak cabinets. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Oak cabinets represent a feeling of solidity or visual weight. A lighter quartz countertop will create a sense of contrast and brighten up the room, especially for cabinetry in the darker range. A color like Brava Marfil, with its rich brown highlights and warm undertones might be a perfect way to accent a rich, reddish oak.

Or, you may prefer something more chic with a cooler attitude to really heighten the room’s contrast. Something like Aurora Snow might be up your alley. 

Take a look at these 6 design ideas to see how quartz countertops can nicely pair with oak cabinets.

Design Ideas for Pairing Quartz Countertops with Oak Cabinets

1. Brighten the Room with Golden Hues

Oak cabinets with more golden hues can also benefit from a lighter quartz countertop. The light and airy aesthetic of this kitchen makes the natural characteristics of the oak pop, while still achieving a sense of balance and overall cohesiveness. This is also a great example of working with your room’s specific light conditions to create a design that works. 

2. Darker Veins or Designs that Match Cabinets

You can also play with patterned quartz to highlight the character of oak cabinets. A warm, soothing pattern can tie a room together. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment with other design elements - such as color or decorative pieces - to reflect your personal style. 

3. Textured Stone Look that Stands Out

This quartz countertop is a great example of texture and color working together. The various grays and stone-like feeling of the quartz really pop against the natural wood and sets the tone for the rest of the room. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Dark

Don’t fret if you prefer the mood and aesthetic of a darker colored quartz countertop for your oak cabinets. The quartz in this example establishes a strong, anchoring effect in the room that is also polished and clean. Opportunities open up for standout design elements like wall color or accent details. 

5. Minimal Patterns Highlight Wood Grains

Oak’s inherent uniqueness is often what makes these cabinets so special. Highlighting the oak’s particular grain patterns or knots add to the room’s presence and ties it all together. The visual focal point here is the wood’s strong horizontal lines, which stand out against the sleek, white of the quartz. The effect is polished and thoughtful as the countertop seems to elegantly hover in the kitchen.

6. Get a Contemporary Look with Subtle Veins

Oak cabinetry has long been a popular choice and can be found in many historic homes. Quartz countertops can add a contemporary feeling to a kitchen that has a lot of historic character. The cool and lightly patterned quartz in this example adds to the room’s old world charm and allows the oak’s history to really shine. 

Pair Your Oak Cabinets With Beautiful Quartz Countertops

Now that you have some ideas to get started, the best way to choose quartz countertops for oak cabinets is to bring samples into your home and live with them for awhile. Hold them up to the cabinets at various times of day and don’t forget to pay attention to the varying lighting conditions. Prop the samples up against the cabinetry to give yourself an idea of what the quartz will feel like in your room. After all, you're the one that will be living with your new quartz countertop!