Creating Contrast with Dark Cabinets and Light Countertops Blog

Espresso cabinets with light countertops has become an increasingly popular look for the kitchen in the last few years. The combination has more warmth than a stark black and white, and also has a lot of possibilities for style depending on cabinet and countertop type. One material in particular that can help enhance this design is the use of quartz countertops.

White quartz countertops can be flawlessly white, or they can take on any number of different marble looks, including those that have either gold or grey veins. This adds a lot of interest, warmth, and depth to the design, and further separates the look from those stark, overly minimalistic spaces.

It’s easy to create contrast in design through the use of espresso cabinets with white countertops. The only limitation is in how far you’d like to take the look. 

Espresso Cabinets with White Countertop Design Ideas 

Both espresso cabinets and white countertops can actually be found in many subtle shades as well as many styles. For this reason, it can be both difficult to narrow down your choices, as well as easy to fit your personal style. Whether you prefer a traditional cabinet with a marble-look countertop or you want both your cabinets and your countertop to be sleek and contemporary, there are options available to you within these color parameters. Check out these 6 design ideas to gain some inspiration and see some possibilities of what may work in your kitchen.

1. Waterfall Edge

Having a contemporary style espresso cabinet with a white quartz countertop can help set the stage for a modern kitchen. Adding a waterfall edge to that countertop helps to really close the deal.

This waterfall edge helps brighten up the island and keeps the room from getting too dark. Its clean lines also mimic the lines of the cabinets, further emphasizing their shape and the contemporary vibe of the room.

2. Rustic Style

Softening up the finishes on both materials can give you a slightly more rustic and laid back look for your home. This kitchen island has a rustic feel to it, while the finish on the cabinets has been gently muted to help it match the patina on the floor. The countertops aren’t a really bright, stark white either, so you don’t get that cold feeling when the contrast levels get too high. 

3. Transitional Style

Transitional design is a great way to blend elements from two different looks into one cohesive style. It works when your home features one set of styles, but you really love the look of another. This kitchen helps show off elements of a popular transitional style known as rustic modern. This design blends elements of contemporary style with cottage and rustic looks. In this case, the flooring and cabinets have a more subdued feel, while the white quartz countertops give it that clean, contemporary look that pairs well with the lines of the cabinets and the geometric backsplash.

4. High Contrast

If you really want your kitchen to pop, then crank up the contrast between your cabinets and your countertops. These espresso cabinets are so rich they border on black, only the texture of the wood helping to add warmth to the design. The white quartz countertops have an extra-thick edge, which helps introduce even more contrast to the rest of the colors, aided by the matching backsplash. The small hints of yellow in the design are necessary to help keep the other two colors from taking over the room. 

5. Smooth and Sleek

This bright kitchen is filled with clean lines and sleek surfaces, including both the cabinets and countertop. The espresso cabinets have a slab style for maximum sleek surface area, while the white quartz countertops have no veining, so they provide the most amount of contrast to the cabinets. The backsplash helps bridge the gap slightly by offering just a hint of grey to pick up the appliances, kick panel, and hardware in the room. 

6. Softer Contemporary Design

This is another contemporary kitchen that makes great use of espresso cabinets with white quartz countertops. The difference here though, is that the look is a little softer and slightly more transitional. This starts with the field stone accent on one wall, then moves to the muted color of the cabinets. The grey veins in the white quartz countertop help to complete the look, creating a contemporary kitchen that is still welcoming and ready for use. 

Develop Your Ideal Kitchen Design

Utilizing espresso cabinets with a white quartz countertop is one way to add some warm contrast and interest to a room. The two materials and colors work beautifully together and can create any number of designs ranging from classic to contemporary. Consider this pairing for your cabinets and countertops in your next design and see where the combination can take you.