MOTIV Interiors is a Nashville based interior design firm, focusing on sustainable design. “The idea behind sustainable design is to build, create, live, and design in a way that ensures the long-term health of both humanity and our environment for the future,” says Anna M. Caro, CEO + Lead Interior Designer at MOTIV Interiors.

MOTIV’s most recent project brings green to the forefront in this quaint home renovation designed for local Nashville guitarists who were looking to move out of the city in pursuit of more natural surroundings. “What they love most about their new home is its balance of vibrancy and tranquility - experiencing the fruits of the seasons by day and taking in the moon and stars by night,” says Anna.

One of the challenges with this particular project was trying to provide a balance between privacy and openness. Along with updating and bringing the space back to life. Here's a look at the kitchen before the renovation.

Keeping that in mind, MOTIV Interiors created a space that feels warm and inviting, open and airy, yet separated from the rest of the house. “To create the right atmosphere for the creative homeowners, we used a mix of sophisticated neutrals, natural materials, and a heavy dose of jewel tones,” says Anna.

Playing into the neutral color palette, Anna was able to balance performance and aesthetic by using HanStone’s Montauk. “I was looking for a light-colored surface to balance out the darker wall and ceiling in this kitchen, and to play nicely with the locally sourced porcelain tiles we used for the backsplash,” says Anna. Mixing the lush jewel tones and green hues with the neutral and sophisticated counters, MOTIV created a unique space that brings the outside in and gives a breath of fresh air to a once small and closed-off space.

Living Beautifully is important at HanStone, and for Anna Live Beautifully is infusing the beauty and imperfection of nature into daily life. “If we can connect to that pure essence through design, then our work is a success.  It's not about perfection - it's about prosperity through embracing what is already within reach,” says Anna.

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