How Quartz Can Add A Modern Aesthetic to Your Kitchen Blog

Quartz countertops can help any space achieve a modern look.

Minimalist Modern (Scandinavian) Design

What do we mean by modern? Every decade comes with its own design trends, and many of them become outdated quickly. However, there are certain design trends that have remained popular through the decades.

One such design trend that has remained popular is the Scandinavian design style.  It has actually become a model for many modern homes. Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe that includes the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. This design style has influenced other popular design movements such as mid-century modern, and its influence remains strong in the 2010s with the minimalist movement and popularity of Swedish furniture company IKEA. 

Scandinavian design was first developed in the 1950s following World War II and gave many people of Scandinavia a sense of hygge — calm and comfort — after the war. The design elements are certainly modern: white walls, functional furniture and design, and natural materials such as wood, rock, linen, wool, and cotton. 

Scandinavian design values function over form because of the harsh winters within that region.  Many of the designs emphasize natural light in an attempt to bring some of the outdoors in. With the world becoming more industrialized and technologically advanced, having a comfortable home with the elements of nature brings about that sense of hygge for modern homeowners.

We live in a culture that is more technology-driven than ever. Creating a residential space that gives us that sense of calm and contentment is crucial. 

Quartz countertops make an excellent addition to residential spaces.  They have the timeless look of natural stone surfaces, but they also have benefits that are important to the modern homeowner like durability, sustainability, and maintainability.

Our lives are growing busier each year, and the last thing homeowners need to worry about is the integrity of the surfaces and products in their homes. 

Here are a few design examples showing how quartz countertops can bring the modern, Scandinavian hygge into your home and create a comfortable space that is restorative to both your mind and body.

These quartz countertops simulate natural stone marble without the maintenance. The modern homeowner doesn’t have time to worry about buffing out red wine stains. With the non-porous surface of quartz, just wipe it clean with warm water and gentle soap — the stain will be nothing more than a memory.

White walls and countertops, wood floors, and lots of natural light are all signals of a balanced, modern design. This quartz design not only covers the countertops, but it is also clad down the side of the island as a sort of “waterfall”. This design element allows the counter and cabinets to flow together, creating less variety and more uniformity, giving this homeowner a serene space for clear thoughts.

While this space incorporates lots of white, it is anything but cold. Notice the variety of natural textures — wood beams, concrete floors, and quartz countertops that simulate marble. This space is the perfect balance of modern, Scandinavian style and comfort.

Industrial Modern Design

Another modern design style includes industrial design elements such as stainless steel and industrial-looking light fixtures and hardware. While this includes more industrial materials rather than natural materials, the light colors such as grays and whites are still incorporated into this type of modern design. 

Here are a few examples of how quartz countertops can be incorporated into industrial modern design:

This kitchen combines elements from both minimalist modern and industrial modern designs. The light fixtures and appliances have industrial touches, but the white cabinets and wood floors add a Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic to this kitchen. The white quartz countertops really add to this space without being a distraction.

Sleek, industrial design elements such as stainless steel appliances and gray cabinets contrast sharply to the white island with quartz countertops. The squared edge and sharply polished finish gives this slab of concrete-esque quartz a modern, industrial look that ties this entire kitchen together.

Whether you’re interested in incorporating industrial modern design elements such as metals, exposed pipes and wiring, and stainless appliances into your kitchen or minimalist modern design statements such as white walls and countertops, wood floors, and lots of natural lighting, you’re sure to find a quartz color or pattern that suits the needs of your space.  Quartz can add a modern look to any home.

Perhaps the best features of quartz countertops are their durability and maintainability. Quartz is scratch-, stain-, and heat-resistant. It is one of the hardest materials in the world and stands up to everyday wear and tear and also to heavy traffic. Additionally, it is a non-porous surface that will not stain or harbor harmful bacteria from food preparation or excess moisture. 

Overall, quartz is a modern material both in form and in aesthetic. Consider using HanStone Quartz in your home kitchen!