9 Quartz Countertop Designs to Inspire Your Next Bathroom Look Blog

Bathroom design has undergone many changes in the last 20 years. While the bathroom was previously a small room that was considered purely functional, it’s now a much more spacious area that has many uses.

Today , people use their bathrooms to not only get ready for their day, but to unwind at the end of it. This means everything that goes into the bathroom needs to serve multiple purposes. Materials need to be easy to take care of, perform in the way they are expected to, enhance the user’s experience, and they need to be visually appealing at the same time.

When it comes to the sink area, more people are beginning to opt for vanities or floating countertops with sinks rather than stand alone basins. This allows greater freedom for storage and use and visually enhances the space.

Homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to creating a sink top area. The same countertop materials that work in the kitchen are also available for use in the bathroom. Among the many options, only quartz countertops meet all of the demands of today’s bathroom needs making it the ideal choice for this space.

Benefits of Quartz in the Bathroom

While bathrooms don’t see the same use that kitchens do, the countertop still needs to be durable. Bathrooms are inherently wet. Water from sinks and faucets will splash onto the counter, while humidity from tubs and showers will fill the room.

Using a non-porous countertop like quartz means that you won’t need to worry about sealing the material against absorbing this moisture. And while things like cosmetics, toothpaste, and styling products can harm stone countertops and heat from curling irons may damage a solid surface countertop, quartz is unaffected by these materials.

In addition, quartz is available in a wide range of colors and styles. For those that love the look of marble but don’t want to deal with the possibility of rusting, quartz offers an alternative. For those that want the look of granite, concrete, or even a bright white countertop, there are quartz colors that match these desires.

Quartz is also highly customizable. Whether you want a curved vanity top, a floating vanity top, a guitar-shaped countertop or any other custom appearance, quartz can be shaped to meet your needs.

Quartz Bathroom Countertop Design Ideas

Bathrooms come in many different sizes and styles. No matter whether your space is contemporary or classic, there is a quartz countertop color that can match. Check out these 9 design ideas to get inspiration for your bathroom design.

1. White on White

White is one of the most popular colors for the bathroom. It’s clean, fresh, and allows for a variety of accent colors to be introduced through towels and bath mats. A white quartz countertop with just a hint of grey veining, like Tranquility, matches the color of the space but keeps it from becoming too stark.

2. Clean and Modern

If you love the idea of a white bathroom for the crisp and clean appearance, a bright white counter with no veining like Royale Blanc is the ideal addition to the room. This bathroom with two sinks and a makeup counter in the middle makes great use of the quartz by having the crisp, clean lines mimic the lines on the cabinetry.

3. Black and White

Black and white bathrooms have a very classic appearance that fits in well with a variety of architectural styles. In this case, a bright white countertop is the ideal choice, as it won’t introduce other colors into the room. Because the countertop is quartz, it won’t stain over time, preserving the classic color combination.

4. Floating Vanity

If you need countertop space but don’t necessarily need a full vanity, a floating top can make a great addition. Floating tops make rooms look larger because you can see the floor beneath them, creating an optical illusion that the room is bigger than it is. This modern bathroom uses Black Coral quartz to create a substantial vanity top complete with towel rail and a crisp, clean design.

5. Transitional Style

Transitional designs blend elements of different styles together into one cohesive look. This bathroom uses a black and white vessel sink on a marble-look quartz countertop to create a more updated version of a traditional bathroom design. The Mercer countertop has a rich vein that picks up the underside of the vessel sinks beautifully, tying the two areas together.

6. Formal Design

This bathroom also makes use of transitional design, but in this case, it’s creating a more modern formal look. The vessel sinks, raised panel vanity, and decorative mirrors are complemented by the Strato countertop, which has a warm vein. In this case, the vein is perfect for being the midway point between the sleek and decorative features.

7. Shades of Grey

Bathrooms with many shades of grey are very trendy. Grey is neutral and can have either a warm or a cool undertone. The warm undertone in the floor of this room sets the stage for gold accents. This quartz countertop has grey and amber veins, which perfectly balance the tones in the bathroom.

8. Warm, Rich Design

Many formal bathrooms rely on warm tones and rich finishes to make the space look inviting. This formal bathroom features Brava Marfil quartz - a taupe colored countertop with a rich, warm vein running through it. It perfectly complements the other colors and tones in the room.

9. Subtle Complement

Sometimes, a bathroom design needs a complementary countertop. This Empress countertop has a soft finish and subtle veining. It’s more reminiscent of limestone rather than marble but without limestone’s tendency toward scratching and staining.

Add Quartz to Your Bathroom Design

Quartz bathroom countertops are beautiful, durable, and complementary to many different styles and designs. Whether you want something bold or subtle, quartz can give you what you want. Consider quartz for your bathroom countertop today to reap these benefits for yourself.