21 of the Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors for 2020 Blog

Over the years, quartz has continued to become more popular as builders and homeowners alike realize the sustainability, durability, and beauty of this surfacing material. The best part about quartz is that it adapts to current design trends because it is a man-made natural stone material that can be crafted to fit the unique aesthetics consumers are looking for.

Popular Quartz Countertop Colors

Here are 21 of our most popular quartz countertop colors for 2020!


White- and cream-colored countertops add a certain lightness to a space that darker colors cannot. For one, light countertops make small spaces feel larger because light colors reflect light and make a room appear larger than it actually is.

Second, light-colored countertops are very popular right now because of the Scandinavian-inspired minimalist aesthetic many interior designers are going for. Light countertops are a great option because they will not become quickly outdated, and they go with virtually any color scheme you wish to pair them with.

Here are some of our most popular white- and cream-colored quartz colors:

1. Oceana

Soothing and coastal like an elegant seashell, Oceana evokes the feeling of a pebble-filled beach with soft creams and taupes dappled together with light pearl-colored hues. 

2. Aura

Evoke calm with Aura’s large scale, continuous movement. Warm hues gently meld into cool tones, creating an atmospheric shift across its surface. 

3. Shangri-la

Mythical and mysterious, reminiscent of a utopian paradise, Shangri-La’s vibrant garnet gem tones and elegant onyx-inspired pattern merge harmoniously for an experience that’s full of celestial wonder.

4. Chantilly

Like fine lace, Chantilly is a modern classic with feathery charcoal veins set against a crisp white background.

5. Soho

Sophisticated and cool. Inspired by one of lower Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods and the fashion for which it’s known, Soho features a smoky white base with striking pewter and brown veining.

6. Monterey

Taking inspiration from California’s breathtaking central coast, Monterey’s soft grey base is anchored by darker grey veining and contrasting white wispy marbling, offering uncommon depth and substance.

7. Mercer

An elevated richness. Mercer delivers the perfect pairing of warm neutral hues and bold earthy accents to deliver a cool, elegant style that complements any design palette. 

8. Royale Blanc

Crisp and classic for the ultimate clean, modern look. A timeless beauty, Royale Blanc evokes flawlessness and luxury.

9. Tranquility

A distinctly modern classic beauty. The purest crisp white marble with a feathery contrasting charcoal vein, Tranquility voices a timeless classic Tuscan appeal.

10. Classic Statue

Subtle wispy veining is complemented by distinct contrasting darker-veined undertones within a stone white background and high-gloss sheen.

11. Bianco Canvas

Bianco Canvas creates a backdrop of crisp whites layered with a subtle, warm texture. Soft greys help add depth and richness to create a captivating style.

12. Aurora Snow

The result of brilliant white softened by cool hues of grey is a timeless beauty. Aurora Snow delightfully masters the balance between color and texture.


Grey countertops add an industrial touch to any space.  Whether you’re looking for something that looks like natural stone or a design that resembles concrete, you’re sure to find a grey quartz pattern that strikes your fancy in our collection:

13. Uptown Grey

A sublimely cool grey echoed with soft wispy white marbling, Uptown Grey delivers the perfect balance between traditional and modern.

14. Metropolitan

Inspired by the look of concrete, Metropolitan brings together elegant neutral grays and warm earthy undertones to create a unique, industrial classic.

15. Pewter

Tailored tones of stone are livened up by the effortless specks of onyx throughout. Pewter proves itself as a well-appointed surface in any design space.

16. Aramis

Bold and welcoming. The warm undertones in the deep grey of Aramis offer a sense of relaxed elegance while the striking slate tones provide depth.

17. Leaden

Strong greys are mellowed by a natural texture. The rich hues and subtle texture of Leaden create an accessible style without compromising on character.

18. Storm

Like a wisp of wind, a trace of white weaves throughout the cool, deep hues of Storm's grey base.

19. Smoke

Bold elegance. Smoke merges neutral greiges and sepia undertones with soft pearl and onyx movements for a look that’s eye-catching and enticing.


Black countertops are a practical and popular choice for both homes and commercial spaces. Black is a natural camouflage to scratches and stains, and it is especially good for homes with small children that are prone to spills. In addition, black quartz works well in heavily trafficked areas such as reception areas and service centers (i.e., shipping desks or check-out counters).

Here are some of our most popular black quartz patterns:

20. Silhouette

A boldness that feels vintage and sophisticated. Silhouette’s rich, sable base is anchored by clean white marbling for a dramatic, yet grounding effect.

21. Black Coral

Rich black hues are softened by the presence of cooling greys. Black Coral evokes a dignified and bold stance that uniquely appeals to many color palettes.

Quartz is a great material for homes and commercial spaces because of its durability, sustainability, and beauty. At Hanstone Quartz, we pride ourselves on creating products that provide surfaces for life’s most important moments. Whether you’re preparing a Thanksgiving meal in your home or getting ready for a first date, Hanstone Quartz exists to provide the surfaces you need to make those moments happen.