23 Inspirational Quartz Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas Blog

If you’ve been thinking about quartz for your own home, check out these quartz kitchen countertop design ideas to get some inspiration for your project.

Quartz countertops rank high on everyone’s list of what they most want to have installed in a new kitchen. According to recent surveys conducted by Fixr, 89% of homeowners prefer quartz in their kitchen. Quartz is highly durable, low-maintenance, and very attractive countertop material. It comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs, which means it can work well in nearly every setting.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Ideas

If you’ve been thinking about quartz for your own home, but are wondering how you can work it into your personal style or design, check out these 23 quartz kitchen countertop design ideas to get some inspiration.

1. Light Open Spaces

For a light, airy kitchen with an open feeling, you need a countertop that isn’t going to dominate the space in color or pattern. This light-colored quartz countertop matches the clean lines of the room perfectly, without competing for attention.

2. Quiet Complement

The focus in this kitchen is the hexagon, mosaic flooring. All the other colors and surfaces need to tie into that to create a cohesive design. The quiet, light gray countertops are a perfect match and ideal complement to the busy floor. 

3. Substantial Design

Everything in this home has a heavy solid feel to it. That’s why this quartz countertop has a built up edge, to create continuity with the beams in the next room. 

4. Industrial Style

This kitchen design blends a lot of interesting elements for a slightly rustic modern vibe. The quartz countertops resemble the look of polished concrete, easily complementing the industrial vibe of the backsplash.

5. Quiet Focus

The textured cabinets and fieldstone wall are the focal points of this kitchen. The dark gray, matte quartz countertop becomes a quiet resting place for the eye, completing the design. 

6. Formal Elegance

This kitchen features marble on the walls, along with sophisticated pendant lighting and brass faucets. An elegant, marble-look quartz countertop is the perfect way to complement the rest of the space.

7. Dark Contrast

This kitchen is filled with natural light, along with light-colored wood and a pop of green. To complement it all without competing, the black quartz countertop provides a dark contrast that anchors the design. 

8. Soft and Complementary

Not all quartz countertops have a polished, glossy look. This subtle, cream countertop has a matte finish that complements the rustic island perfectly, becoming the focus of the design. 

9. Classic Whites

The white kitchen will never go out of style. This white quartz countertop is the perfect pairing to the white cabinets and the light gray island. The countertops and cabinets keep the kitchen bright. 

10. Handsome Style

This kitchen features lots of dark accents — from the wood trim to the dark cabinets. The black quartz countertops are the ideal way to match those deeper tones, anchoring the kitchen and providing contrast to the white subway-tiled walls.

11. Soft Veins

The island in this kitchen is in contrasting shades of dark blue/gray. To tie it to the rest of the room, the white quartz countertops feature a soft, gray marble vein, helping to unify the colors in the room. 

12. Shades of Gray

Gray is one of the most popular colors for interiors, and this kitchen features several shades. The countertops pair perfectly with the color of the perimeter cabinets, while providing some contrast to the island and fireplace surround. 

13. An Updated Classic

If you love the look of marble, but also love a contemporary design, check out this kitchen that features black marble-look quartz counters. The darker color is perfect for the space, while the white veins help soften the effect. 

14. Two-Toned Kitchen

It’s common in many styles of kitchen to incorporate different colored countertops on the island and perimeter. This modern kitchen shows off two lines of cabinets, each with a waterfall edge countertop in a different shade.

15. Geometric Design

This kitchen has a lot of unique lines. The countertop was designed with a built-up edge and geometric design to mimic the lines and angles in the rest of the room and create a focal point.

16. Island Spotlight

This completely white island in the middle of this open floorplan contrasts the surrounding warm wood. The sink and quartz countertop match the cabinets, so the space becomes the focus of the design. 

17. Traditional Looks

This farmhouse kitchen has a lot of traditional elements. Marble-look quartz countertops were chosen to match the Shaker cabinets and complete the design.

18. Marble Match

The marble-look quartz countertop on this kitchen island is mirrored by the backsplash behind the cooktop. A dark gray countertop on the perimeter breaks up the design and adds depth.

19. Matching Movement

The wood floors in this kitchen have a lot of grain, movement, and color. The marble veining in the quartz countertop matches that movement, creating a cohesive look in the kitchen. 

20. Dual Function Island

This kitchen island doubles as a large seating area in this kitchen. The strength of quartz allows it to provide enough overhang on two sides to allow for leg room without corbels getting in the way. 

21. Classic Style

This kitchen combines several very popular, classic features all in one space. This includes the marble-look quartz countertop, which helps bridge the gap between the dark island and white cabinets.

22. Grayscale

The gray island countertop in this kitchen is the perfect match to the other shades of gray and white in the space. While no other colors are present, this space is anything but boring.

23. Contrasting Depth

This kitchen features a lot of white, including the island quartz countertop. To add a little contrast and depth, a gray quartz countertop is used around the perimeter.

Find Your Ideal Quartz Kitchen Countertop Design

Quartz countertops have so many colors and styles, it’s possible to find one for every space. Use these 23 designs as a jumping-off point to creating your own, ideal kitchen featuring quartz.

For help creating the perfect kitchen, contact HanStone Quartz to speak with a design professional.