Using Quartz Countertops in Restaurants and Bars Blog

As restaurant and bar countertops are normally in high traffic areas, they need to complement the décor and ambiance of the space and while also being functional and durable.

Frequently, restaurants and bars end up choosing one of these factors over another. For example, a high end restaurant may decide that they want to use a stylish and attractive countertop that doesn’t hold up well over time. This results in the need to frequently maintain the countertop leading to higher costs.

Other restaurants may choose function, sacrificing the style of the area in order to save maintenance and replacement costs down the road. This means that the area may not be as attractive, which in turn could turn away patrons for whom these things matter.

One material that bridges the gap between form and function is quartz which performs well in high traffic areas like restaurants, while also have a range of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from.

High Style

When walking into a restaurant or bar,  one expects the food and overall experience to match its style and ambiance.

For that reason, everything in the restaurant or bar needs to match the overall atmosphere, and this includes the countertops.

Quartz countertops are available in a very wide range of colors and patterns. They can mimic the look of marble or concrete, they can be glossy, matte, or even have a high degree of sparkle. So, no matter what the style of the restaurant is, it’s possible to find a quartz countertop that will match.

High Durability

Restaurants and bars see their fair share of spills and food mishaps. Many of the substances served in these places can mar or harm other countertop materials. For example, a wedge of lemon left on the surface of a marble counter will leave behind a dull spot. That same wedge of lemon on a copper counter may leave a bright spot.

Tomato sauce, wine, oil, and other substances can all stain or discolor many countertop materials, which means that the top will need to be replaced to maintain the ambiance of the room.

Quartz countertops are stain resistant and scratch resistant. Patrons that drop or spill food or drink on the countertop will not be leaving behind an indelible mark as long it is cleaned in a timely manner.

Quartz countertops are made with approximately 90% natural quartz – one of the hardest common materials. It’s so durable and user friendly that it’s virtually maintenance free.

Quartz is easy to keep clean and requires no special cleansers or care procedures like some other countertops. It also does not require sealing, so there’s no chemicals to worry about, or regular maintenance to schedule.

For this reason, it can withstand years of heavy restaurant or bar use without needing replacement. This keeps costs down to the initial investment and nothing more.

Restaurant Countertops Design Ideas

If you’re considering the addition of a quartz countertop to your restaurant or bar area, there are many designs and style options to choose from. Below are a few design ideas that may get you started.

1. White Marble Look

restaurant countertops

Marble is a popular material for its beauty and style, but it isn’t practical in bars. Quartz can give you the sleek, white look of marble, but without the worry. Used in industrial spaces like this one, white marble-look quartz can give you a transitional look and style.

2. Sleek Style

countertop restaurant

If you like the look of sleek, polished concrete, consider using gray quartz instead. Unlike concrete, quartz does not require sealing and it won’t stain. You’ll still get the same industrial, modern style but without the maintenance.

3. Custom Cuts

countertops for bars

One of the best things about quartz countertops is the fabrication. You can have custom cuts made to accommodate registers, workers, bars, and unique seating areas. This sleek quartz countertop is understated in color but has a lot of bump outs and cuts that help make it super functional in a busy space.

Get a Better Counter

You want the best of both worlds for your restaurant or bar. With quartz, you can have the high style and design options you want, and the durability and low maintenance care you need. Also, you can have a custom countertop that complements your restaurant and the way you use the area without the need to constantly have to seal and care for it.

Invest in a quartz countertop for your restaurant or bar to get the best countertop there is for the job.