White Cabinets with Gray Countertops: Add Depth to Your Kitchen with Dynamic Colors Blog

Cabinets are one of the most important parts of a kitchen’s design, not only in terms of function but also in terms of style. The color and style of your cabinets - and the countertop you pair them with - can really impact the way the room will look. For a long time, it was expected that the countertops and cabinets would either be analogous to one another matching in some way either through depth, color, or tone. Over time, this changed to contrasting colors and having some pop between the cabinets and countertops.

New color palettes and trends are always emerging. A style that has recently become popular are white cabinets with gray countertops. With the growing selection that has become available, there are many ways to achieve this style.

Ways to Up Your Style with Gray and White

Whether you have a classic kitchen or something more dynamic, this color combination can enhance the style of your space. If you need inspiration or ideas, check out these six kitchens.

1. Soft Grey Wash

This kitchen features white cabinets and grey marble-look countertops. The color of the cabinets help accentuate the colors of the island countertop which feature a soft long-vein. You will also notice that the material used on the island is featured on the backsplash which helps unify the entire look.

2. Pop of Color

When your island is located in the center of the space, it helps define the space by becoming the focal point within an open floor plan. This kitchen plays on that fact by giving the island cabinets a rich, dark, blue/grey finish. That color contrasts the white cabinets and white countertops which draw the eye and holds it there. To soften the look, the island countertop has a soft, white quartz countertop with grey marbling.

3. Many Shades of Grey

The perimeter cabinets in this kitchen aren’t quite white, but they do feature a white wash. These off-white cabinets with grey quartz countertops set the stage for the rest of the room in terms of color and texture. In this instance, the island needed to be a little sleeker in design and finish to embody the colors already introduced. The result is a kitchen filled with subtle shifts in color that keep it from getting stale.

4. Waterfall Designs

This contemporary kitchen has a lot of smooth, sleek surfaces that complement one another. It uses only two colors - white and grey. There are white cabinets with white quartz countertops as well as white cabinets with grey quartz countertops on the island. Both countertops feature a waterfall edge allowing them to mirror one another even as the color adds contrast and depth.

5. Classic Design

White kitchen cabinets with grey countertops don’t need to be reserved for contemporary spaces. A honed quartz countertop paired with a white shaker cabinet can give you a very classic look. This kitchen ties the two shades together well at the backsplash which is a beautiful blend of several shades of white and grey.

6. Grey Cabinetry

Many people assume that in order to use a grey quartz countertop you need white or light colored cabinets.  This kitchen proves just how wrong that assumption is with beautiful dark grey cabinets and woodwork. The matte grey countertop is used throughout the space creating unity for the room.

Create Your Ideal Kitchen

White cabinets and gray countertops are two very popular choices to kitchens. By adding a little contrast into the design through the island and countertops, you add depth and personality into the kitchen. Grey, black, white, and deep blue all work well together. Consider boosting the style for your kitchen through the color palette to help your kitchen achieve new design heights.